Credit card payment is subject to 5% of the invoice amount.


    1. I would like to book the apartment for the dates indicated and I am over 18 years of age.

    1. In case of extension for more than one month this agreement terms & conditions will remain valid till the date of final departure or extended final date. 

Basic Terms & Conditions

    • Room rates are subject to 5% VAT.

    • Your day is subject to tourism fee of 300 AED for the Entire Tenure of (03 Months). In case of stay more than 02 Months , DTCM Fee 300 AED will be applicable again.

    • The official departure time is 12 noon.

    • Late departure can be requested through Guest relation operation team & it’s subject to availability. Additional charges may be applied.

    • Green Future Holiday Homes is not responsible for any loss of money or valuables left in the room.

    • In case of partial booking deposit full payment is to be made before checking in at holiday home.

    • Pets, Parties, loud music, drugs are not allowed in the apartment. Any complaint by building management will lead to immediate eviction of the tenant without any further notice and remaining amount of the contract will be fortified.

    • Security deposit will not be adjusted in rent amount

    • The amount of deposit shall be refunded to the tenant after 03 (three) days from check out day after carrying an inventory check on the property by the Company who has the right to deduct the payment in case of losses or damages to the property and the furniture upon check-out.

    • I agree to leave the property in a clean and tidy state and to inform the company of any problems or complaints before leaving so that we can attempt to rectify them.


Rate Changes: 

    • I understand that my room rate will change, subject to the applicable VAT & Tourism Fee on any request extension of days, weekends, public holidays and festive seasons.

    • Company reserves the right to change the Daily / Monthly rates any time without consent of tenant. If tenant don’t wish to extend on new rates they can finish the contract as per contract expiry date

    • Rent paid after the due date is subject to PENALITY of 50 AED PER DAY overdue. I the tenant hereby confirm that I will pay the overdue charges else company can deduct from security deposit.

Full Terms & Conditions

    • The Guest shall comply with all rules and regulations applicable in the UAE at any time and with all charges that may occur.

    • In case of any maintenance, upon notification company will address the complaint immediately. If complaint is major and required number of days’ company can shift guest to other apartment or compensate his/her daily rate.

    • The Guest shall ensure providing passport copies of all occupants and team Green Future shall obtain the passport copies to meet Dubai government protocol of required document submission.

    • The Guest shall refrain from committing any illegal act or similar acts that may lead to police or other authority interference and shall take all precautions in all security and legal measurements.

    • The Guest shall not make any changes to the Property and shall maintain the assets and all equipment available in good shape.

    • The Guest shall not, under any circumstances and during the term of this Agreement, assign this Agreement or sub-let the Property to any third party without the prior written consent of the company. Should any assignment, or sub-letting occur without the prior written consent of the Company, then this Agreement shall be considered null and void and shall be instantly terminated by the Company without any prior notice to the Guest. The Company shall reserve his right to evict the Guest from the Property.

    • Guest by signing this contract has given full permission to the company that if guest is absent from the town at the expiry of the period of Tenancy or leaves the Property without the Company’s prior notification, then the Company shall have the right to open the premises and to lease it to other Guests they finds suitable.

    • In case of early evacuation, due to police or community complaint no rent will be refunded and immediate eviction will be enforced.

    • The Company shall ensure that the Guest have full sets of Keys, access card and parking remote to the property at the commencement of the Agreement. In case of loss of any of these items the guest would pay AED.500/per card, key, parking remote lost.

    • The Company will use all care in performing and providing its services to the Guests but shall not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage or claim of whatsoever nature which may result from either of the following:
        • Fault of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party

        • Fault of a third party not connected with the provision of the accommodation by the Company., which the Company could not have predicted or avoided.

        • Any event or circumstance, which could not have been predicted or avoided even after taking all reasonable care and skill.

Vacating Process -Termination

    • If the Guest vacates the Property before the term of the lease Agreement, he/she shall previously notify the Company in writing before his departure in order to check the condition of the Property with the Company according to the inventory and return the security deposit of the rental agreement. No payment will be made for remaining days in return to early termination of contract

    •  If the Guest leaves without notifying the Company, the latter shall have the right to open the premises in his capacity as the legal representative of the owner of the property and to use, if any, freely the Property without any prior notification. In such case, any belongings of the Guest shall be kept in the Company custody for only 15 Days (Fifteen Days) and shall be returned to the Guest upon request.

    • Company have right to not extend the contract by giving 7 days notice before end of contract date.


Renter Acknowledgement:

    • The Guest acknowledges that it has checked the condition of the Property and accepted it as is and hold the Company harmless of any claim or indemnification in any case related to the conditions and situation of the Property.

    • By the singing of agreement, the guest agrees and accepts that everything in the property is in the working condition.

Utilities usage cap

The following is the utility usage cap and the company will pay according to the cap maximum mentioned or as per bill received below the decided amount. Above or more than mentioned amount is tenant’s responsibility and failing to pay will be deducted from Security deposit and furthermore the utilities will be disconnected.


Governing Law:

Any dispute arising from this Rental Agreement or its interpretation or termination or pertaining to violation of any obligation referred thereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and the applicable Federal Laws of the United Arab Emirates. The parties agree to submit to the Courts of the Emirate of Dubai or such other tribunal as may be established from time to time in the Emirate of Dubai for resolving disputes between Company and Tenant.

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