Sky Dive Dubai

You have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in one of the most thrilling adventure sports in the world with one of our many Skydive Dubai packages. And the best thing is that it gives you the most unobstructed views over Dubai. A skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour, while securely harnessed to one of our experienced and accomplished instructors. Adrenaline enthusiasts can live this adventure at our world-class location the Desert Dropzone or the Palm Dropzone

  • Weight & BMI: (Women Weight: 90.0 kg/ 198.0 lbs or less.) (BMI: 27.5 or less.)
  • Weight & BMI: (Men: Weight: 100.0 kg/220 lbs or less.) (BMI: 30.0 or less.)
  • You must be 18 years of age or above (according to the Gregorian calendar) on the day of your tandem skydive
  • Medical conditions If you suffer from or have previously suffered from any of the conditions listed below, kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at our location. ✘ Epilepsy ✘ Fits ✘ Severe head injury ✘ Recurrent blackouts or giddiness ✘ Disease of the brain or nervous system ✘ High blood pressure ✘ Heart or lung disease ✘ Recurrent weakness ✘ Diabetes ✘ Mental illness ✘ Drug or alcohol addiction ✘ Any past or present medical conditions ✘ If you are pregnant you should not skydive
  • As you leap from the plane at an exhilarating height of up to 13,000 feet, overcome or get past your fear.
  • Experience a complete minute of free fall at a speed of 120 mph.
  • Enjoy the unmatched and unimpeded views of JBR Beach, the palm-shaped island, etc.
  • It’s a completely safe activity with the most cutting-edge safety precautions and a certified instructor by your side at all times.
  • Finally, bring amazing photos of your extraordinary flight adventure home.


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