Museum Of The Future

The Museum of the Future is much more than just another museum that showcases modern creativity. The Museum of the Future in Dubai is an innovative and futuristic museum that explores the latest technologies and ideas shaping our future. The museum of the future in Dubai is a unique destination that promises an immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through cutting-edge inventions, new perspectives, and transformative ideas.

  • The Booking Confirmation is valid only for a specific date and time.
  • Please be aware that the Museum has now implemented a strict policy addressing guests not respecting the booked time slots.
  • Guests coming in early/ late won’t be allowed entry moving forward
  • However, they do have a 30-minute grace period before or after the scheduled time
  • No exceptions will be made, so please ensure you will be aware of the policy at the time of booking the tickets The Museum of the Future combines futuristic technology and sustainable solutions under one fun time-traveling roof!
  • Infant strollers are allowed inside the museum
  • If you miss your entry time, the attraction will try to accommodate you on the next available time slot on the same day, based on availability.
  • Photography and videography are allowed as long as the images are taken using existing light only (no flash) and are for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Please dress in a manner that is appropriate for a public space in the UAE and is respectful of the local culture.
  • Food and beverages are available for purchase and are to be consumed in designated areas. Guests may bring their food to consume in the lobby and gardens. Caregivers may bring snacks and drinks to the Future Heroes floor, but not past the entry barrier. No food or drink is allowed in the other exhibitions out of concern for the safety of all guests.
  • The full self-guided visit is expected to take approximately 2 hours.
  • Self-parking is free for Museum of the Future ticket holders on the day of ticket validity, limited to a 3 hour period. Note that our parking spaces are very limited and subject to availability. Valet parking is available.
  • Emirates Towers Station shown here on the Dubai Metro Red Line. You can access Museum of the Future directly via covered walkway from this station.
  • Enter a World of Ground-Breaking Creativity
  • The building, which has three sections, represents the museum’s dynamic vision. The green hill represents the earth, the futuristic ring represents humanity, and its hollow center represents innovation.
  • There is also a viewing platform that promises an astonishing, detailed look at the museum’s architecture features.
  • Prepare your senses for the most immersive experiences that incorporate captivating science and cutting-edge technology with themes of nature, space, spirituality, and wellness.
  • Experience Nature, Space, and Wellness of the Future.
  • At 77 meters tall, the Museum of the Future is a true work of architectural art!
  • Children under 4 years will be considered as children and entry will be free of cost.
  • Children above 4 years will be charged Adult Rates.


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